Medical Tourism in Mexico

Going Viral

Has your dentist or doctor or surgeon quoted you a price for a medical procedure that would break the bank? Then let them, in effect, pay for your next vacation with DocTours.

Where can you find affordable medical care? Where can you find affordable dental care? Consider Lake Chapala in Jalisco, Mexico. Patients come from around the world to undergo treatment with our professionals and benefit from the before, during, and after-care.

Medical tourism in Mexico, along with dental tourism in Mexico, are both growing by leaps and bounds. More than 1,000,000 medical tourists used Mexican caregivers last year. That number has doubled from what it was in 2006. The Mexican Tourism Board projects that the millions of travelers taking a medical or dental vacation in Mexico will spend over $3 billion in 2016.

Medical tourism to India and dental vacations to Costa Rica are likewise growing, as are the costs of getting and staying there. With DocTours, you will likely find everything from root canals to esthetic surgery much more affordable. And experience a bit of home away from home.

The lakeside of Chapala in the heart of Mexico has the largest number of expat Americans and Canadians living outside of America and Canada — fifty thousand strong and growing. With full confidence, these residents stay in their new home for medical and dental treatment. Based on their personal referrals, we have chosen the highly qualified care providers that local expats rate as the best. Just like our neighbors there, we have used these professionals with fully satisfying results.

DocTours is here to provide you with the best affordable doctors, dentists, and plastic surgeons in Mexico, including the most affordable medical anti-aging Protocol that includes stem cell and HGH therapies as part of a thorough and amazing treatment. (For more information on any of our Sentient Treatments, just click on one of the tabs in the menu above.) We also can give you leads on wellness travel in Mexico, in our own neighborhood on Lake Chapala.

Our caregivers rival those of anywhere in the world, offering services equal to, if not better than, what's available in high-priced nations, while saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars, typically well under half of what you would have to pay in America or Canada for comparable medical services.

You do "get what you pay for". In America, you pay for far more than just medical attention. You also pay for lobbyists who make medical attention the fastest growing expense in the family budget. In Mexico, you pay only for the care you receive, and at prices commensurate with those of other goods and services in their developing economy.

Best Buy!

"Sure, I was worried, but finances gave me no choice. Now looking back on how smooth it went and how much fun I had, I feel silly having been anxious. I'm going back as soon as I can."
J.J. - Northern California

Delivered to You

Available treatments include dental implants, rhinoplasty, HGH infusions, and many others. Whatever treatment you need, come to our world-class dentists, doctors, and surgeons. They have up-to-date knowledge and use state of the art modern technology. They are bilingual and many have worked or trained in the United States or Canada.

We at DocTours play the role of host and concierge, with pleasure! During your stay we provide lodging, some meals, ground transportation, plus whatever interpreting may be necessary. We'll meet you at the airport and pave your way from there.

Since food is medicine and medicine is food, our chef, Tony, will also delight you.

Did we mention the weather? The local climate is perpetual spring, ideal all year round. If your aim is also to take a vacation, we will suggest some of the most fun spots and activities.

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking."
Earl Wilson

Hear, hear!

Next Steps:

How can you get dental work in Mexico? How can you get medical care in Mexico? What about affordable plastic surgery? It’s all here. Just explore.

If your issue is dental, let us urge you to take care of it as soon as you can. It's easy to do, and if you don't, the consequences are not exactly life-enhancing. We've all had bad breath, a cavity, or a toothache—caused by bacteria. The food you don't thoroughly chew—to minimize even the most minor pain—can signal the glands to excrete excess mucous that can enter your lungs and sinuses, and give you allergies, even late in life.

More importantly though, that bad bacteria that grows in your mouth can spread to your heart and arteries with possible fatal consequences. Your teeth and gums are parts of your body you want to heal immediately. And fortunately, it is easy and so affordable with our assistance.

If you enjoy traveling with another, please familiarize them with this site, too. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us. We're here to serve you and to enjoy our time together.

Join a growing list of satisfied clients. Stay long enough to enjoy the culture and the climate—medical tourism at its best! Then return home rejuvenated and in great shape.